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Picture the scene. You are playing a ranked match of your favorite FPS game. The game is going pretty well and your one kill away from securing a win for your team. The score is neck and neck so its really crunch time, any mistake could cost either team the game. Thankfully though, you don’t need to worry because you see an enemy passing by. You’re on the ledge above and have a clear shot. It’s like shooting fish in the barrel.

You line up the shot in your scope while they look around aimlessly. They won’t know what hit them. You feel the adrenaline rush as your about to pull the trigger, the game is yours for the taking. Then just like that, it turns on a dime. Your hands are sweaty and slippery thanks to the long and intense game, causing your hand to slip. Your gun fires but your aim is askew. The bullet whistles past the enemy, alerting them of your position. You try to correct the mistake but it’s too late. The enemy looks up, aims and fires at will. The game is over. You have lost and we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a solution and that is our ‘America Empire Pro Gamer Fingerless Gloves

gamer gloves for sweaty hands

Fingerless gaming gloves for sweaty hands

Gaming is a very saturated field, whether we are talking about streaming, journalism development or becoming a pro player. Which means that breaking the mould and making a game in the gaming industry is harder than ever. So to give yourself the best chance possible. You need to have all the best gear to stand a chance. It has always been important to have a perfectly designed custom controller or a crisp and clear headset for optimal communication with teammates. However, the pro scene has constantly asked more and more of its competitors, meaning that even the smallest improvements matter.

This is why gaming apparel has become more prevalent in the community over the last few years and why we have decided to make a set of gaming gloves that not only look stylish but also provide a much better gaming experience and an added level of performance that just might be the difference between winning and losing. So why don’t we take you through a few reasons why these gloves are an essential part of any pro gamer’s arsenal.

Glove for gaming at One With Your Controller

One of the most common questions we are asked as ‘dont the gloves hinder your movement?’. Well, unlike conventional, non-gaming gloves, these gloves are made from an ultra stretchy spandex material which is designed to mould to any hands shape and size. This material feels so natural and allows for a full range of movement, meaning that you won’t be distracted by the material, uncomfortable during long sessions and most importantly, you’ll still be able to make those fast-twitch reactions that win games.

Glove for gaming

This gamer gloves for sweaty hands gaming are No-Slip, All Grip!!!

A common problem that a gamer will have during intense games or during long sessions is clammy hands and slippery controllers. This can also be due to a common condition called Palmar Hyperhidrosis which causes a major build-up of sweat in the palms of the hand. While there is nothing particularly wrong with this, it can often lead to input errors, mistakes during games and in some cases, can cost you the match. So we have came up with a solution which is innovative, effective and doesn’t reduce the appeal of the glove’s design.

We have incorporated a sweat absorption layer right into the fabric of the gloves. A layer that has a 99% absorption capacity. Meaning that even if you have particularly sweaty palms, we have you covered. So with these gloves, you can play with confidence and the peace of mind that you’ll stay in control of every single movement with no chance of slipping.

In addition to the absorbing layer that ensures there is no sweat build-up, we decided to double down on the player’s ability to control their weapon in the heat of battle. We have done that through your super grippy rubber grid layer. This textured layer ensures that your controller stays exactly where you want it to be. Keeping your trigger button well within reach and guaranteeing that a kill is only a quick and easy squeeze away.

This gloves for sweaty hands gaming allow you to game longer!

Any gamer worth their stock will know that to get to the top of the pile, you need to put in the hours. That usually means long sessions that last well into the night. This can be great fun but after a while, even the most experienced gamer will begin to feel aches and pains, perhaps carpal tunnel or muscle strain for example. However, thanks to the compression system of the America Empire Fingerless Gloves, there is much less chance of any muscle strain occurring during your session.

This means that you’ll be able to game for longer, hone your craft and climb the ladder to success in record time. We say burn the midnight oil because with our gloves, its easier than ever to game until the sun comes up.

gloves for sweaty hands gaming


A video game gloves that doesn't Compromise

 Unlike trying to use conventional gloves on your smartphone, leading to you fruitlessly tapping on the glass. Our gloves instead offer coverage for your back three fingers, offering maximum grip. Whereas for the front two fingers which control the triggers and button inputs, we have freed them from the material, allowing the player to make use of all the controller’s functions. For consoles such as the PS4 and PS5, the touch screen plate will require you to have your fingers on show to make use of this function. So far be it from us to stifle your performance. Believe us, we have thought of everything.

Anti sweat gloves light As A Feather

While conventional gloves may have the edge when it comes to keeping your extremities warm. When it comes to a lightweight feel, there is just no competition for the America Empire Fingerless Glove. These gloves are made with fabric that isn’t cumbersome, meaning that when you play with these gloves on, it will feel like you aren’t even wearing them at all. Their lightweight qualities allow you to reap all the benefits listed above without the hindrance of a heavy, distracting design and feel. All the more reason to invest in these gloves for your next session.

Get A Grip, Get Our Video gaming gloves

Overall, through investing in the America Empire Fingerless Gloves, you not only get a stunning piece of kit. You also get a performance-enhancing set of gloves that make sure that you’ll never have a problem with a sweaty controller ever again. You also have a higher level of close control thanks to the rubber grid layer grip pad. Then on top of that, through the super stretchy and lightweight spandex material, you’ll have a full range of movement when playing all your favourite titles. So whether it’s tearing up the track in Forza Horizon, taking down your foes in Street Fighter or racking up some victory royales in Fortnite, the America Empire Fingerless gloves give you the edge over your opponent.



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