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Following our guided instructions will prevent you from damaging or irritating your skin.  Our engineers have carefully developed this hi-tech generation professional face Blackhead Vacuum Remover with specially designed nozzles not to damage your skin. Our blackhead extractor vacuum video on YouTube channels, Amazon or our store will guide you through the steps and give you a lot of little tricks and tips to get the best out of our collection.

Your collection includes:

  1. Face pore vacuum cleaner | Pimple suction Vacuum (Hi-tech Technology)
  2. Facial Galvanic Machine. This is a complementary device to Americ Empire Blackhead remover vacuum to provide an ultimate result for cleansing and hydrating of the skin. Both devices offer a variety of functions to make your skin care regimen complete. It is the best collection on the market.

Face Vacuum Pore Cleanser Blackhead Treatment. How to Get Rid of Pores

Treatment for Blackheads 1 (Optional and Light)

Wash your face with a facial cleanser and warm water. Don’t rinse the cleanser, apply the Galvanic Machine (2-10 min). Alternative Products for use of Galvanic Machine are water base cleansers such as gel or foaming cleansers, desincrustation solution, toners. These are also the best products for clogged pores.

Apply an exfoliant/facial scrub and massage over the entire face or in the areas of concern.

Wash the skin with cool water to close pores. Apply your favorite water-base face lotion, floral water, serum, or gel and use the Galvanic Positive and the LED function of the blackhead suction remover device. Work each device over the entire face for 3-5 min each. This treatment only use the galvanic facial device and NOT the skin vacuum pore sucker.

Best Treatment Blackhead Suction 2

How to clean out pores in a deeply level? Wash your face with a facial cleanser and warm water. Don’t rinse the cleanser, apply the Galvanic Ionic (2-10 min). Alternative Products for use of Galvanic are water base cleansers such as gel or foaming cleansers, desincrustation solution, toners.

Now proceed with the use of the blackhead vacuum extractor device to pull out the impurities collected in your pores. This procedure can remove 80-95% of the junk in the pores, avoid going over the same area several times not to damage or irritate the skin. This routine should be consistent of a once or twice a week to achieve results.

Wash the skin with cool water to close pores. Apply your favorite water-base face lotion, floral water, serum, gel, or gel mask and use the Galvanic Positive and the LED function of the suction device. Work each device over the entire face for 3-5 min each. The best clogged pores treatment!

How to Use a Blackhead Vacuum Cleaner. Video Training of How to Clean Pores.

Our professional Esthetician Roza show us how to get rid of blackheads on nose and all the face. She goes deeply in all the process, from theory to the practice. Stay to the end to learn how to get blackheads out and clean nose pores. The best practice and tricks will ensure you how to use pore vacuum professional blackhead remover and facial machine galvanic.

Do Pore Vacuums Work?

3 Tips to Use a Vacuum Pore Cleaner Machine.

Tip 1: Instead of pull up straight from the skin, TWIST the
pore cleanser vacuum at the end to get a way out of the skin without pulling the skin that cause a bruise.

Tip 2: Stretch the skin with your other hand and work the device from finger to finger.

Tip 3: When using the suction device around the mouth, press your lips together to control the suction force.

Blackhead Vacuum Cleaner Procedures

best pore vacuum

The Blackhead Vacuum Remover suction may bring out temporary rosiness in the skin due to increase of blood circulation. The use of Positive Galvanic will slow down the blood flow and bring any redness down. Additionally, using the Blue or Red LED lights will heal any irritation if that occurs.

Holding the skin taut and twisting the end of the nozzle off during the suction is imperative to avoid causing streaks. Recommended frequency of a face suction machine with Negative Galvanic is up to 4 times a week for oily congested skin, 2 times a week for normal non sensitive skin, and 1 time a week for sensitive slightly congested skin. Positive Galvanic can be used every day for better product absorption. These routines will help you to fight the blackheads on face.

Theory Video of How to Remove Blackheads on Face with a Vacuum Pore Cleaner.

Best Face Pore Vacuum Facial Review

The Best Blackhead sucker comes with 5 Speeds in the range 40-65 kpa, from the lowest suction to treat very delicate skin or areas to the stronger speed for stubborn blackheads. This face vacuum pore cleanser have been specially designed by our engineers and beauty experts to fulfill all the needs and partially substitute the heavy complementary equipment in just 2 portable devices. The 5-Nozzles have been specially designed to DO NOT scratch or rip the skin using a new engineer nozzle structure and special Premium PVC. It has 3-LED Lights Technology for a most complete treatment and better results.

best blackhead remover vacuum

Red Light for Collagen Stimulation (Anti-Aging), product absorption, and stimulation of cell metabolism. Red LED light is renowned for speeding up collagen synthesis and enhancing cell repair and was the original therapy utilized by NASA in medical care. Red light energy stimulates the mitochondria (the power generators) in cells so that they function optimally, boosting the production of collagen and elastin and in turn slowing the signs of premature ageing and environmental damage. Red light is also considered anti-inflammatory.

Blue Light promotes bacterial disruption that causes acne & impaction. Blue LED: The big hitter for acne. The Blue LED light produces singlet oxygen in PP-9 or Porphyrin, a compound generated by the P. Acne. This form of oxygen is very toxic to the bacteria that grows on the skin that results in acne breakouts. So it decreases acne with absolutely no downtime. And since the use of LED Light therapy in the treatment room is the only product or service that has absolutely NO contraindications, even clients who take prescription acne medications can use it! 

Green light promotes oxygen supply for asphyxiated skin and faster healing and. Green LED: Green light is used to even out skin tone, hyperpigmentation and sunspots. This wavelength targets melanocytes, slowing down the production of melanin so that not as much pigmentation reaches the top layers of our skin, especially good for dark marks after acne. Green light also help product absorption.

The Magic Happens with the Galvanic Facial Machine.

The Galvanic Face SPA Ion possesses both currents, Positive and Negative with an added vibration to increase vibration for better absorption and toning of the skin. It makes your skin more supple after the treatment. On the other hand, the Negative function + heating+ vibration allows to open the skin pores, detox the skin and extract all the impurities out. Making the negative Galvanic Ion the best companion for your face vacuum pore cleanser.

Important: If the galvanic face spa Device stops vibrating is because your fingers lost contact with the front metal plate in the device (make sure your hand is clean of oils to allow good contact), or the head of the Galvanic Machine has the oily residue and doesn’t have a full conduction. Also, check the life of the battery if you don’t get a strong vibration.Face Vacuum Pore Cleanser

Negative Galvanic Face Spa (Galvanic Desincrustation)

It is used for Deep Cleansing, because it opens the pores of your skin, making your skin very soft and acts like a magnet that attracts all impurities out, that allow the face vacuum pore cleanser to easily extract. Also, the Negative Galvanic dissolves sebum and ingrains dirt. Even if you use cleansing there is always remaining impurity left.

Negative Galvanic facial is a very effective way to pull out and dissolve impurities and buildup to detox the skin. Indications for the use of Negative Galvanic are congested skin with comedones that needs a deep cleansing. It promotes blood circulation, increase cell metabolism and activate enzymes. You may use the Negative Galvanic facial machine with your face a bit wet, but for better result use a desincrustation solution.

Positive Galvanic Machine (Galvanic Iontophoresis)

It is used after the skin has been thoroughly cleansed. Positive Galvanic will help to absorb the product into the skin. It actually decreases the blood flow, so it calms down the skin. It closes the pores and tightens the skin, also it soothes nerve ending and reduces the appearance of dark circles. Suggested to use the Positive Galvanic at the end to build acid mantle to restore the skin. For better result use the Positive galvanic with your final choice of water-based skin lotion or serum.

Facial machine galvanic Recommendations

As a reminder always keep contact of the front metal plate with your fingers. We recommend applying the Galvanic slow as you feel comfortable, putting a little bit of pressure and go up lifting the skin (always try to use the divice against gravity for better results). You don’t need to rush with it, because remember, you kind of want to hit every part of the face (of course you can include neck (AVOID THYROID AREA)).

The pressure on the skin doesn’t matters in this case, just make sure the head of the device touches the skin at all time.  You may use the galvanic over the entire face if you have very oily and congested skin or just in areas where will be extractions like the nose, chin or forehead. You may use the Negative Galvanic device with your face wet, but for better result use a desincrustation solute. It is recommended to use it 3-5 minutes (Negative Galvanic) up to 4 days for very oily skin, 3 for a slightly oily skin, 2 for normal skin and just once a week for sensitive and dry skin. The Positive Galvanic can be used daily.

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