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A crystal display shelf is important for many reasons. As you begin to learn about the properties of different stones you will find that they all have their own vibration and a range of properties unique to them. You will also learn that some crystals are far more delicate or porous than others, some stones are able to cleanse the crystals around them, and yet others needs to have some between them and the other stones in your collection.

Crystal shelf displays for stones are an ideal way to organize your crystals so that you can easily pick the ones you want to work with on a particular occasion. Many people create a sacred space or altar in their living spaces, a place to be quiet and meditate that is tailored to their own needs and personalities. Such spaces often have candles, flowers, incense, singing bowls and, of course, a variety of crystals, minerals and stones. You will want your crystals to be displayed in an attractive and pleasing way, and also in a way that is easy for you to work with them.

wooden crystal shelf display for stones. mountain shelf

Mountain Shelf Wall Decor. Wooden Crystal Shelf Display for Stones.

Crystal display shelves known as Mountain Shape are particularly effective for many reasons. Essentially the mountain shape is comprised of triangles, arranged so as to resemble a mountain range, hence the name. The triangle, or pyramid has many special properties and has long been used by humankind to honor and preserve sacred objects as well as the bodies of respected or important people within a particular culture.

In addition to all of the metaphysical properties and benefits of the triangle, a mountain shaped crystal display shelf also has practical benefits. The stepped construction provides more surface are for you to play around with when you are looking for the best way to display your stones. The compartments provided by this design also vary in size, allowing you to place larger crystals in prominent places, or to create an eye-catching display of smaller tumbled stones.

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Meditation Triangle Shelf for Crystals | Triangle Wall Shelf

The Triangle shape is also said to be the form behind all aspects of manifestation and spiritual development. The number three is especially powerful to humans as it represents all kinds of triplets, such as past present and future, will, love and intelligence, mind, body and spirit and the animals, plants and mineral kingdoms on earth.

The two sides of the triangle balance our thoughts and emotions and the base provides one of the strongest structures there is. A collection of triangles, such as those found in the mountain shape therefore provide a doorway into higher consciousness and cosmic wisdom. 

How Display your Crystal in your Crystal Shelf

Some of the most beautiful crystal display shelves come in the form of triangles, or, if you prefer, a mountain shape. These allow you to place larger stones on the bottom, slowly increasing in size, with smaller stones displayed at the top. Regular sided display shelves for stones and crystals can be hexagonal or octagonal and wall mounted, making a lovely centerpiece for your altar. They come in a variety of materials such as wood, metal or glass. You might want a free standing crystal holder so that you can move it to your desk or nightstand or you might be looking for a much larger, wall mounted display shelf to use as a focal point in your living room.

When you start collecting crystals you will find that the whole process soon becomes rather addictive! There are so many beautiful crystals to choose from, and each variety has slightly different properties and uses. In addition to this, crystals come in a multitude of shades, shapes and sizes. At first you may simply want to place your newly acquired crystals on the windowsill or near to your desk. However, as your collection grows you will want to find an attractive and practical to display your crystals. Not only does this look good, it also allows you to easily pick the crystals you want, either for the day or for a specific purpose, such as cleansing the atmosphere in your home.

As with all things crystal related, use your own intuition to guide you and visualize how your display will look when you set it up. Fairy lights around the edges of any crystal display shelf adds a touch of magic to any collection, but you may be a little more ambitious and have a theme for your separate crystal displays. As an example, let’s say you are focused at the moment on love, both giving and receiving it into your life. A display of love stones might include Rose Quartz, for unconditional Universal love, Jade for harmonious relationships and Aquamarine for encouraging you to love yourself. You could enhance your collection of love stones by placing hearts around it, some roses or other flowers nearby and some inspirational texts to remind you that love is all around you.

crystal holder display for stones. octagon shelves


 How to Clean your Crystal Stone

You should always cleanse and recharge your crystal no matter where you keep or display them. There are many methods for cleansing crystals and it is important to know what you are doing because some of the softer, more porous stones can easily be damaged by salt or running water. Some crystals also absorb the energies of the stones around them very quickly, whilst others take on the vibrations of electronic devices and are excellent for cleansing the atmosphere of geopathic stress. Crystals such as Black Tourmaline make very good protective stones as they deflect negative energies away from your aura. Clear Quartz very quickly absorbs your own negative vibrations and helps you to heal from both physical and emotional disturbances and feelings of dis-ease. 

The beauty of using a crystal display shelf for your collection of stones is that it enable you to place the “natural cleansers” of the mineral kingdom in close proximity to all of your other crystals. A piece of raw Amethyst, for example will cleanse other crystals of any negative energies and recharge them with a positive vibration. The Amethyst itself is a variety of quartz and is therefore a very hard, robust stone, needing only to be held under clear, running water to both cleanse and energize it. By keeping the Amethyst clean in this simple way you can then allow it to cleanse the crystals around it that may be too delicate for washing in a conventional way.

Another method of cleansing and recharging your crystal is to use sage smoke. Kits of sustainably grown sage can be bought from a reputable crystal dealer, and of course you can use your own leaves and twigs if you have them. Having all of your crystals grouped together in one place on your mountain display shelf makes cleansing, and smudging your stones very straightforward. The “smudging” technique requires you to light the bundle of sage and then blow out the flame. The resulting smoke should then be wafted over your crystals as you set the conscious intention of clearing all negativity from the crystals and the surrounding atmosphere.

Which Material to Choose for your Shelf for Crystals??

You will probably not be surprised to learn that both the material from which the shelves are made, and the shape of the shelves themselves is quite important. Shelves made from natural materials are more beneficial for the “health” of your crystals than shelves made from synthetic materials.

Wooden shelves are ideal for displaying crystals, and other things you may wish to combine with them such as dream catchers or living plants. It is relatively easy to attach hooks and pegs to a set of wooden shelves which means that you can hang objects alongside the stones sitting on the shelves. The type and shade of the wood you choose is a matter of personal taste so take your time to find the best one for you. Wood is a living thing, whether or not it has been cut or is still growing as a tree or shrub.

As you increase your knowledge of the properties of crystals you will no doubt become familiar with terms such as “vibration” or“ energy frequencies”. Just as crystals carry their own resonance or vibration, so do the wood used to make your display shelf. Take some time to “tune in” to the vibration of the shelves and you will find that one appeals more than another. Trust your intuition on this as you will probably spend quite sometime simply gazing at your collection of crystals and other artifacts, and it makes sense to choose something that is pleasing to your eye.

shelf for crystals triangle shelf


How to Make a Crystal Altar. How to Display Crystals in your Home?

How to arrange crystals in your home? Now that you have ordered or bought your ideal display shelf you will want to give some thought to how to use it. In this article we will look at some of the ways you can group your crystals, and other objects, together on the unit.

If you are using the mountain shaped display shelf you will notice that some of the triangles point upwards, representing masculine, or Yang energies, and some pint downwards, representing the female or Yin energies. It is important that we all maintain a balance within our bodies and our environments, of both of these forces in order to achieve optimum health. An excess of Yin energy may leave you feeling lethargic and low in mood, whereas and excess of Yang can lead to irritability, bad temper and burn- out. The shape of this display shelf is idea for creating the basis for a collection of energy balancing stones.

Feminine Energy Crystal Stones

The following crystals could be grouped together in one compartment of your shelf in order to encourage more feminine energies into your space, or you could dedicate the whole unit to the gentler, nurturing energies of these stones if you feel the need for comfort and love at any particular time. These crystals will also aid you in taking good care of yourself.

Rose Quartz Crystal Stones

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. If you place pieces of this delicate pink stone in the center of your display you are inviting love in all of its forms into your life. You could also combine Rose Quartz with Green Aventurine or Emerald, as these two colors are very closely aligned with the vibrations of the heart chakra.

Carnelian Crystal Stones

This orange colored crystal can be found in various forms, including “crystal trees” in which tiny pieces are fixed to wires to form a beautiful miniature tree. The energies of Carnelian will help you to get in touch with your feelings, and rediscover the pleasures of the senses. It also inspires your imagination and creativity.

Selenite Crystal Stones

The pure white of Selenite looks well with the delicate shades of pink and orange of the previous two crystals. Selenite can often be found in pillars or points, so these could form the backdrop for your other feminine energy stones. Selenite will help to draw down love and spiritual energy and ground it in your body.

Masculine Energy Stones Crystal Stones

As well as providing a balance to the crystals of feminine energy, many of the masculine energy stones also act as protective talismans, deflecting negativity from your space and your aura and transmuting any harmful or depleting vibrations into much more productive energies.

These stones tend to occur in dark shades, from deep blue to black, often with streaks or flecks of red or gold incorporated into their structure. You may want to place your masculine energy stones on the right(Yang) side of your mountain display shelf, or it might feel better to place them amongst other stones on the left to mitigate an excess of Yin.

triangle shelf for crystals


Protection Ritual. Protection Stones for Empaths

It is always a good idea to perform a protection ritual before you start your day. This can be a simple as a two minute mantra, combined with hand movements over your head and body. When you call upon the protective powers of Smoky Quartz and Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst or the glittering beauty of Pyrite you add an extra dimension to your intention. These crystals can be placed along the bottom of your mountain display shelf in order to remind you that many of these darker colored crystals are excellent for grounding you into the healing energies of Mother Earth.

Stand in front of your display and breathe in the vibrations and energies of all of your crystals. Focusing on the protective stones, pass your hand, palm facing you, over your head, sweeping from the brow to the nape of the neck. As you do this affirm: “I am protected from all negative entities, energies and vibrations”. Do this three times, then pass your palm over the top of your head from ear to ear once, affirming: “Divine will is in control and all is well”. You will be amazed at how much calmer and confident this simple ritual can make you feel. Do not be afraid to pick up any of the crystals you feel drawn to during this exercise.

How to Activate Chakra Stones. Chakra Balancing Stones

We all have a chakra system, even though you cannot see it as a physical entity. The chakras are wheels of energy that run along the length of the spine, in the etheric body, and spin our life force energy around our bodies. In order to maintain a good level of health, mental, emotional and physical, we need these energy wheels, or chakras, to be clear and free from blockages. There are seven main chakras, each corresponding to an area of the body, specific organs and psychological or emotional responses.

Using your mountain display shelf to hold a crystal for each of the chakras is a really good way of maintain the free flow of energy through the meridians of your body. You may find that on certain days you feel the need to work on one particular chakra more than another, and this will depend on how self-aware you are and the knowledge you can bring to bear regarding the function of each chakra.  

Each chakra has a color associated with it, so choose crystals that correspond most closely to each one and arrange them either vertically or horizontally in the correct order. The colors are as follows, with a couple of suggestions for corresponding stones:

Base = red, dark brown, black. Obsidian, Red Jasper

Sacral = orange, lighter shades of brown, darker shades of gold. Orange Calcite, Tiger’s Eye

Solar Plexus = yellow, bright gold. Citrine, Pyrite

Heart = delicate pink, spring green. Rose Quartz, Green Jade

Throat = light blue. Blue Lace Agate, Sapphire

Third Eye/Brow = indigo/purple. Amethyst, Sodalite

Crown = white/crystal clear. Clear Quartz, Diamond.

These are just some suggestions to help you get started with your displays. You can also use your shelves to hold feathers, plants, symbols and essential oils. However you organize your collections, enjoy them!

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